CM Punk and WWE are having detailed conversations on a possible return.

The first shoe to drop was CM Punk and FOX in discussions to co-host the new WWE “Backstage” show, this was first reported by Mike Johnson of the PW Insider.

Now more information has become available as WWE sources have confirmed to Slice Wrestling that WWE is indeed highly interested in bringing back CM Punk to the WWE Universe as a on-screen show host and also as a in-ring talent.

WWE and CM Punk have had a vivid history with each other that was not always a positive working relationship.

FOX officials first reached out to Punk to discuss possible WWE show hosting opportunities, and he admitted his willingness to work with WWE again. This opened the floodgates for the following events.

WWE and CM Punk recently have made amends and contract details are being discussed which is a positive sign that the two sides are in negotiations.

CM Punk has told WWE he has no interest in wrestling in a ring and he is only interested in show hosting and commentary positions.

WWE is actively trying to get CM Punk as a show host/commentator and as a in-ring WWE superstar.

At the time of this writing no contracts have been signed and this is the current status of CM PUNK’s return to WWE.

There was previously a opportunity for CM Punk to sign with AEW and the two had discussions on possible deals but the two sides had a breakdown in communication and could not agree to certain terms.

Vince McMahon is sweetening the current WWE offer by offering Punk huge money to return as not only a WWE show host but also a in-ring competitor something Vince McMahon highly wants.

Possible WrestleMania opponents for CM Punk being discussed include

• Triple H

• Roman Reigns

Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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