The McMahon family is in the middle of an internal war as WWE approaches a sale expected to reach close to eight billion dollars.

Arguments stem from Vince McMahon’s return to the WWE Executive Board and impending sale of WWE.

On Tuesday January 10th Vince McMahon used his substantial voting power to re-elect himself to WWE’s board of directors, alongside allies and former co-presidents and directors Michelle Wilson and George Barrios. On this same day Stephanie McMahon announced her resignation from WWE as company’s co-CEO and chairwoman.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H both feel that Vince McMahon should not have returned to WWE and that WWE should not be up for sale.

Both Stephanie and Triple H want to keep WWE under the current ownership and run WWE for generations to come.

Both Stephanie and Triple have different reasons for not wanting Vince McMahon to return.

• Stephanie – Does not want Vince McMahon back as she was just getting used to her role and builded her own team which recently got dismembered by Vince McMahon. Stephanie believes the impression her father gave her when he resigned was that he was leaving WWE for good.

• Triple H – Does not Vince McMahon returning due to his current role as head of WWE creative. Triple H has brought back numerous talents who were previously released by WWE to give them another opportunity. Triple H also does not want Vince McMahon intervening with booking decisions and character development as Vince wants his own hand picked superstars to reach main event status notably Austin Theory which Vince McMahon has been pushing Triple H to give Austin Theory a more prominent position in the company. We recently reported on this issue (read below) before Vince McMahon even returned to the WWE board. WWE sources tell SW “If you think Vince McMahon is going to return to just the board and not try to control the creative aspect of WWE obviously doesn’t know Vince McMahon.”

Vince McMahon slowly getting a hold of creative control is slowly happening and Vince McMahon has also slowly been returning back to work at WWE offices in Connecticut.

There was a nuclear blowout argument between Stephanie and Vince McMahon last week which was the catalyst of her resignation. The sale of WWE, which is expected to take place in the next six months is also creating conflict within the McMahon family.

At this current moment WWE sources have confirmed to SW that only Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has made a formal offer to WWE which includes taking WWE private and allowing Vince McMahon to remain in his position. That is the only offer on the table and WWE will soon close the bidding and negotiating process if no other company steps up.

Vince McMahon is hoping that Disney will step in and buy WWE but no activity has suggested that Disney is even interested. NBC/Comcast and Endeavor are the only other companies besides Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund that is possibly interested to buy WWE but still at this moment Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is the only entity to have made a formal offer.

As WWE moves closer and closer to a sale what happens to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H after the company is sold is anyone’s guess but many do not think Triple H will remain in WWE without his wife Stephanie McMahon.

WWE is at a major crossroads and the future of WWE will be decided soon. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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