The Fiend has had a terrifying impact on WWE in a very short time.

The Fiend is mighty close to becoming WWE’s top merchandise seller while his clips on YouTube and segments on RAW and SD are the most viewed WWE content.

Bray has created a masterpiece with The Fiend And WWE is looking to capitalize on this lighting in a bottle.

WWE officials including Vince McMahon are shocked how successful this terrifying character has become and major plans are in store for The Fiend.

WWE plans on keeping “The Fiend” undefeated for at least another year maybe longer as he will run through active WWE stars and old school legends alike.

We recently reported on WWE plans to crown him Champion which you can read below.

The Fiend asked us to “Let Him In”, no one thought he would wreak havoc in this way. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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