The Viper vs The Fiend is set to take place at December’s TLC Pay-Per-View.

The Randy Orton vs The Fiend program was originally scheduled to take place for the WWE Championship before Mr.McMahon decided to put the gold back on McIntyre.

WWE feels this will be the perfect time to have this program take place before the busy WrestleMania 37 Season kicks off into high gear and both these superstars move onto other programs.

Wyatt and Orton previously had a critically acclaimed program in 2017 which saw Orton burn down The Wyatt Family Compound and culminated at the “House Of Horrors” match.

Randy Orton burns down the Wyatt Family Compound (2017)

In many ways this program will have many of those horror aspects as their previous feud and with WWE starting to implement more “Cinematic” type matches this should be a entertaining and interesting storyline.


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