Matt Cardona has signed a unique deal with WWE sources tell SW.

WWE had been trying to sign Matt Cardona AKA Zach Ryder for the previous year and was unsuccessful.

WWE reached out again recently which we previously reported (read below) and has since signed Matt Cardona to a unique deal that will allow him to continue his independent projects.

WWE wants to showcase Matt Cardona in a new light than his previous Zach Ryder gimmick. Matt Cardona will be a much more serious character this go round and mid card title runs are already being discussed.

Matt Cardona along with his real life wife Chelsea Greene will both be appearing back on WWE television shortly.

Cody Rhodes played a pivotal role in getting Matt Cardona to return to WWE due to their close personal relationship.

Matt Cardona back in WWE will be an exciting story in the WWE Universe. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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