Jay White “SwitchBlade” made his surprise debut on AEW Dynamite during a backstage segment with the Young Bucks and Adam Cole.

Tony Khan revealed he originally didn’t get a deal for “SwitchBlade” to appear until late Sunday after he botched his “Forbidden Door” announcement.

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks were instrumental in getting “SwitchBlade” to appear on Dynamite due to their close friendship dating back to New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Due to the late booking AEW and Jay White “SwitchBlade” do not yet have a formal contract and are working based on appearances.

AEW is building stronger relationships with IMPACT, NWA and NJPW and Tony Khan is adamant about keeping AEW “friendly”.

AEW does have interest in signing Jay White “SwitchBlade” to a full-time contract and AEW & NJPW are discussing possibilities for Jay White “SwitchBlade” to appear at upcoming AEW pay-per-views.

As AEW continues to grow to their star studded roster and the shows become bigger the next few years are certainly going to be exciting for AEW fans. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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