Elias is preparing to make a return to WWE television with his original Guitar playing character.

Up until recently Elias had been playing “Ezikiel” who was last seen on the August 8th Monday Night RAW episode. After his match against Kevin Owens ended in a No Contest, Ezekiel was taken out by Kevin Owens with an apron powerbomb and stretchered out of the arena.

Triple H was never a fan of the Ezikiel character and wants to really showcase Elias on a grander stage.

Triple H sees potential in Elias and thinks his build, strength and musical character could be utilized in various programs.

Expect Elias to return in time for the road to WrestleMania 39 and WWE mid-card Championships are being discussed for Elias in 2023.

Elias adds depth and variety to the WWE roster and his return will be welcomed by the WWE Universe.

Soon we all will be walking with Elias. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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