The “Yes Movement” is awaiting the decision of their fearless leader.

Daniel Bryan’s WWE Contract officially expired and the Wrestling industry is buzzing on where he may land next.

NJPW, ROH and AEW are all preparing massive offers for Daniel Bryan and some have already contacted him. The top wrestling promotions in the world all would be ecstatic to sign Bryan.

NJPW and ROH are solid contenders to sign Bryan while AEW and WWE have the strongest chances at signing Bryan.

AEW has the money and platform that Daniel Bryan would want to cultivate pro wrestling storylines and characters as he wants to be hands-on with production and backstage creative writing.

WWE still has the strongest chances at re-signing Bryan as WWE had already been involving Bryan in production of matches/storylines and character development. Cesaro was hand picked by Daniel Bryan to get a strong push and this is evident by the fact that Cesaro will face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash in a WWE Universal Championship match.

Daniel Bryan is looking at all these companies as the next chapter in his professional wrestling career and where he can make the most impact in the industry.

With WWE leading the race and AEW a close second our money is on WWE to keep Bryan for years to come and for him to become an integral part of WWE Production. The next few weeks will be interesting, Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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