Damian Priest AKA “Señor Money In The Bank” is an important part of The Judgment Day and his MITB contract has the power to change the landscape of the WWE Universe.

WWE officials are discussing different possibilities for Damian Priest to cash-in and the office is divided on the outcomes.

WWE officials wants to have the cash-in play into the Judgment Day storyline and effect the group in more ways than one.

On one hand WWE wants Damian Priest to have a successful cash-in and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, this will cause dissension within the group and possibly lead to Damian Priest leaving The Judgment Day.

The other scenario has a failed cash-in happening and due to interference.

WWE is serious about turning Damian Priest into a main event star on the RAW brand and a WWE World Heavyweight title would definitely elevate his star status to a higher level.

WWE wants the cash-in to happen soon and this would also spike fan interest and ratings as a busy NFL season is approaching and WWE ratings usually take a hit.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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