CM Punk was backstage at WWE RAW at the All State Arena in Chicago, IL on April, 24th 2023.

CM Punk was originally in Orlando, Florida prior to the show and flew to Chicago with other WWE SuperStars.

CM Punk was accepted into the backstage area upon arrival and greeted everyone backstage in a polite manner.

CM Punk had a conversation with Triple H backstage by the “Guerrilla”area and Triple H was the main point of contact Punk had been there to see.

After news began to spread like wildfire WWE officials politely asked CM Punk to leave and security escorted him out the All State Arena.

The feeling among many within the WWE organization is that CM Punk wants to return to WWE and this “surprise visit” which many do not believe was unscheduled due to the fact you have to have clearance before entering is the first step in a possible reconciliation and a possible “feeler” to see where things stand between him and WWE.

“CM Punk is looking at WWE as a entirely different company now that Triple H has taken over” – WWE sources tell SW.

WWE with Vince McMahon at long distance from the daily operations of WWE has become attractive to former WWE stars who have left due to bad blood with Vince McMahon.

Triple H is looking to give these former WWE stars a chance to return while also drawing huge ratings and merchandise from the returns.

CM Punk returning to WWE would draw huge numbers and be sure fire way to send a huge blow to their competition AEW.

There is no official word on any developments of CM Punk’s visit with Triple H due to CM Punk under AEW contract and a AEW return on the horizon.

CM Punk is scheduled for the June 17th show at the United Center in Chicago, IL which will be the debut of a new weekly Saturday night show named “AEW Collision”.

How all this affects his return to AEW or his relationship with Tony Khan is yet to be seen. But we will imagine if Roman Reigns was spotted backstage at AEW Dynamite “talking” with Tony Khan that WWE would not be too happy..

CM Punk is no stranger to controversy and many others think this was his way to promote his return which is a odd way to do so.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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