Kevin Owens is in discussions for a big push coming soon.

Ever since Triple H has taking over he has been brainstorming (read below) on which WWE SuperStars he would like to push. Kevin Owens is one of those superstars.

Ever since the Black & Gold NXT era, KO has been one of Triple H’s favorite wrestlers and now that Hunter has the power to push who he wants Kevin Owens is now in line.

WWE officials are looking at placing Kevin Owens in the mid-card championship scene as a warm-up to display his dominance. Triple H has plans for Kevin Owens to enter the United States championship scene shortly and would like for him to go after bigger titles in the future.

As Triple H continues to shape the landscape of the WWE Universe to his vision it becomes clear that previously misused superstars are getting a “new lease” in their careers.

The “KO Show” will soon be taking over Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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