Cody Rhodes is now a three-time TNT Champion and AEW fans have been treating this character as a full blown heel.

Cody Rhodes has publicly stated that he would retire before turning full heel and AEW officials are now discussing what approach to use Cody Rhodes in 2022.

AEW is planning to use Cody Rhodes as a heel portraying a face that refuses to turn and uses the fan reaction to garner viewers and ratings. Cody Rhodes and AEW are fully aware that fans want to see a heel turn and that the fans have turned on Cody due to viewing Cody and Brandi as another “Authority” which takes the spot light away from other stars. The reality show “Rhodes To The Top” has also infuriated AEW fans as they feel Cody is becoming too commercial.

AEW officials and Cody Rhodes feel this approach is more effective and will allow Cody to infuriate AEW fans even more and play a snarkish heel character who doesn’t acknowledge the boos of the crowd all the while beating top face stars.

This Cody Rhodes character is similar to that of John Cena in that you have a “corporate” character that refuses to embrace the heat from the audience as a villain. This Cody Rhodes character will be interesting to say the least and we will have to wait and see if AEW pulls the switch and have Cody go full blown heel if fan reaction gets too hot. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling the latest updates.


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