‪Shayna Baszler vs Becky Lynch is set for WrestleMania 36 on April, 5th in Tampa, FL ‬

‪The idea to put these two dominant females against each other was masterminded by Triple H. ‬

‪Shayna Baszler dominated the NXT women’s division and held the NXT women’s championship for a total combined 549 days. ‬

‪Becky Lynch has been on top of the WWE Universe for over a year and “The Man” has stomped through all who have stepped up to challenge her. ‬

‪The idea for this program would be that the two top alpha females who have dominated their brands will collide in a mega match at WrestleMania. ‬

‪Triple H is extremely high up on Shayna and had been trying to get Vince McMahon’s attention on pushing Baszler to a higher level. ‬

‪Vince McMahon “tested” Shayna Baszler at Survivor Series weekend and her performance on back-to-back nights proved she is ready for the big stage. ‬

‪Shayna Baszler will play a viscous heel that will “expose” Becky’s weaknesses especially in the submission category while Becky will play the face who is on top of the game, experianced and seasoned for a big fight and will look to expose Shayna as not on her level. ‬

‪This will be one of the more prominent matches featured on the WrestleMania card and Becky vs Shayna looks to be a war. Stay Tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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