‪WWE has burned it down, Seth Rollins’ babyface character that is. ‬

Kevin Owens stuns Seth Rollins

‪During this weeks RAW episode Seth Rollins officially turned heel and teased a new faction with the Authors Of Pain. ‬

‪The heel turn had been in discussions with WWE officials slightly after Hell In A Cell which we previously reported at the time talks first began (read below). ‬

‪Fan reaction never recovered for Seth Rollins after Hell In A Cell, wether it was poorly planned storylines or going up against a white hot Fiend character, Seth’s Universal Championship run was not the successful “Face of the company” run WWE had planned. ‬

‪The plan now is for Seth Rollins to continue as a top mega heel and continue teasing the Authors Of Pain as enforcers. ‬

‪WWE officials are hoping this heel turn will bring Seth Rollins that cool factor he once had before when he previously played the role of a villain. ‬

AOP viciously attack Kevin Owens

‪The heel turn was also a precaution in the event WWE gets CM Punk to agree to a WrestleMania match as Rollins is one of the opponents WWE officials are discussing to face Punk at WrestleMania 36. ‬

‪The road to WrestleMania is beginning to heat up and it is the most exciting time of the year. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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