‪Killer Kross (Kevin Kesar) is officially on his way to the WWE Universe. ‬

‪WWE made the announcement of signing Killer this week along with Timothy Thatcher. ‬

‪Triple H is a big of fan Killer Kross and will look to utilize him as a dominant heel. ‬

‪The early plan is for Killer Kross to make his WWE Universe debut on NXT and gain some momentum and notoriety. ‬

‪While NXT programs are being planned, the longer goal is to get Killer Kross on RAW or SmackDown in the not too distant future as Vince McMahon also has plans for this 6-foot-3 menacing star. ‬

‪WWE officials will likely use another name for Killer Kross and and re-introduce him at the upcoming NXT TakeOver Portland or NXT TakeOver Tampa. ‬

‪WWE officials have also discussed pairing Killer Kross with his real life girlfriend Scarlett Bordeaux, who also recently signed with WWE. ‬

‪The future is bright for Killer Kross and it is a good sign that Triple H and Vince McMahon have long term plans for WWE’s newest acquisition. ‬

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