‪Brock Lesnar was not in a pleasent mood at this weeks WrestleMania 36 tapings as he let WWE Chairman Vince McMahon hear an earful during WrestleMania 36 tapings at the Performance Center. ‬

‪Brock Lesnar was not happy with Vince McMahon for making everyone attend tapings and moving forward with WrestleMania 36 and not postponing the show. ‬

‪Brock felt that it was greed that is the driving force behind this years WrestleMania and that Vince McMahon came off as not caring for everyone’s health. ‬

‪Brock Lesnar informed WWE Production that he wanted to film his match with Drew McIntyre and go immediately home. WWE Officials tried to explain that a strict filming schedule was in place and that he would have to wait his turn in line. At that point Lesnar immediately searched out for Vince McMahon who at the time was meeting with other key WWE Officials and demanded to film his match earlier, Brock also let Vince McMahon know (vulgar language included) what he thinks of him making everyone come in and tape the show. ‬

‪There was also a issue with pay scale bonuses which some superstars will be taking a hit on due to there being no crowd but financially Lesnar is wealthy and the main disagreement was about the show. We have been told that many WWE Superstars agreed with Brock and that he is the only one that would talk to Vince McMahon in that tone and get away with it. ‬

‪In our personal opinion we do think WrestleMania 36 should’ve been postponed and we are intrigued by how many superstars will use this situation as a catalyst to leave for AEW, NJPW, ROH etc. Stay Tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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