The Immortal Hulk Hogan has acknowledged Roman Reigns as one of the greatest ever.

During a interview with Sports Illustrated Hulk Hogan said

““It takes a really long time to be able to transition and pivot on a dime the way he does. That’s how he paints masterpieces you’ve never seen before. He’s working on a whole different level,” Hogan said.

Hulk Hogan went on to explain how being in the Samoan Dynasty and learning from all his Bloodline in the wrestling business including his dad, Sikia Anoa’i, has helped Roman perfect his craft.

Roman’s dad, Sika, he explained the ABCs of it all to him. Watch his matches and you can tell. You can see it in the way Roman creates emotion, understands how to make the crowd mad, and how he puts people on the edge of their seat calling for that comeback. Roman Reigns learned this all old-school from his dad, but he adapted to the newer era, too. He can do it all. Roman is adaptable to whoever he is wrestling. That’s important. At any moment in time, he can switch gears on you. He’s amazing, and he’d fit in any era,” Hogan said.

Roman Reigns has held the WWE Title for over 1,240 days. Roman Reigns has a chance to make more history by surpassing Hulk Hogan’s longest reign at 1,474 days this year.

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