AEW seems to have put together their “Big Four” Pay-Per-Views.

New AEW trademark filings show “BLOOD AND GUTS” to be used as a title to stream Pay-Per-Views. The new logo can be seen below.

All Elite Wrestling President and CEO Tony Khan recently discussed the format for AEW Pay-Per-Views:

“There’s going to be another one on that Mount Rushmore of quarterly big pay-per-view shows.”

“So in Q1 there will be something, we’ll make an announcement very soon. “

AEW will hold Pay-Per-Views every three months which calculates to four main shows per year

• ALL OUT July- August- September

• FULL GEAR October- November- December

• BLOOD AND GUTS January- February- March

• DOUBLE OR NOTHING April- May- June

The Pay-Per-View name is also a reference to a comment made by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon durning a WWE Q2 earnings conference call in which he reffered to AEW content as “Blood and Guts”.

Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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