The King Of Kings is back working with NXT beginning this week. This is Triple H’s first time being back in a working capacity since having cardiac heart surgery.

Triple H kicked off WrestleMania 38 on Sunday by saying “Thank You” to the WWE Universe and formally retiring from in-ring competition. He left his wrestling boots in the ring signifying the end of his career.

Now Triple H is getting back involved with NXT along with his real-life close friend Shawn Michaels. Triple H will take on limited capacity workload and also be working a limited schedule.

Triple H will have input on NXT’s creative direction, talent signings and many of the operations that go into the NXT brand as he becomes more hands on with NXT.

The NXT roster are ecstatic on Triple H’s return to NXT and many in the locker room felt that the NXT brand was never really the same since Triple H left.

Triple H has been instrumental in the development of so many NXT talents and of the promotion overall. Triple H was also hands on with the NXT “Stand And Deliver” event and many backstage notes how much it felt like the “TakeOver” events.

Triple H back with NXT is a great sign for the WWE Universe and it is great to see him back home where he belongs. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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