WWE in terms of the wrestling world is like the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Lakers in the sense the biggest and brightest stars have all at one point or another played on those teams.

AEW began in 2019 after The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley started the promotion to build a alternative company for wrestling fans to watch pro wrestling.

Now fast forward to 2022 the landscape of professional wrestling is completely different. Vince McMahon has resigned from WWE, Triple H is head of creative of WWE, CM Punk has returned to professional wrestling, Cody Rhodes has left AEW for WWE and CM Punk vs the ELITE backstage brawl (read below) has jeopardized everything AEW had built.

Now as AEW picks up the pieces of the “ALL OUT brawl” many questions remain as to what is the future of the ELITE.

As of now all members of the ELITE are currently suspended and pending investigations could decide the outcome of their futures.

Many have questioned if this incident along with other recent issues as of late could alter the futures of the ELITE in AEW.

Kenny Omega’s contract expires in February 2023 and the Young Bucks contract expires in 2024.

SW sources have confirmed that WWE is fully aware of the situation and are monitoring the outcome.

“Triple H is 150% interested in signing all of the ELITE if they become available. Triple H is a huge fan of Kenny Omega’s work and the Young Bucks are one of the greatest tag-teams of all-time. Kevin Owens has been a main catalyst in communicating with the Young Bucks since he is still close friends with them and Triple H is aware that the offer would have to be right to land them and he is prepared to offer them {the ELITE} serious WWE contracts in the millions to sign.” A WWE source tells SW.

Still the ELITE would have to all agree on a WWE contract to sign and with many undecided factors in AEW there is no clear sign where things may be headed.

the ELITE in WWE would definitely be a game changer in the pro wrestling world and there is more than enough big blockbuster matches with WWE’s roster to satisfy all types of wrestling fans.

2024 will be an interesting period in professional wrestling.

Now more than ever the future of AEW looks uncertain and we truly can “never say never” especially in the world of pro wrestling. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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