News: WWE Backstage Premiere Draws Less Than 50,000 Viewers

The WWE “Backstage” premiere episode drew 49,000 viewers The show premiered on FS1 at 11pm and drew an astonishing number of...

Report: WWE Discussing Taking NXT To Tour Arenas In 2020

The Wednesday Night Wars have caused many changes in the pro wrestling industry. The newest development is WWE discussing taking ...

NXT Preview:

Tonight’s NXT Preview Takes Place From Full Sail University In Orlando, FL • What will be the fallout of NXT’s Raw...

BREAKING: Randy Orton Signs New WWE Multi-Year Contract

The Viper is staying with WWE Slice Wrestling has confirmed Randy Orton has signed a new multi-year seven figure contract.

Report: Drew Mcintyre Upcoming WrestleMania Season Plans

Drew McIntyre has been at the brink of winning the big one for some time now. His time maybe closer than you think.

Report: WWE Discussing Daniel Bryan As Backstage Producer After Retirement

Daniel Bryan is a Professional Wrestling legend. He has overcome the greatest of odds to solidly himself in wrestling history and...

Report: Backstage Survivor Series Build Plans RAW Vs SmackDown Vs NXT

The war is on! NXT invaded SmackDown this past week in what was a wrestling fans dream plot-line.

Report: WWE Discussing The Fiend To Receive His Own Custom WWE Championship Belt

The Fiend is the ruler of the universe. WWE is discussing for The Fiend to receive his very own Custom WWE...

Report: The Real Reason WWE SuperStars Were Not Able To Return From Saudi Arabia

“Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.” “The issue was the Crown Prince ordered to have the wrestlers get off the plane in retaliation...

BREAKING: WWE Announces Survivor Series 2019 Will Be RAW vs SmackDown vs NXT

During Crown Jewel WWE Has Announced That SurvivorSeries 2019 Will Be RAW vs SmackDown vs NXT 

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