New AEW World Champion Kenny Omega made a special appearance on this week’s IMPACT Wrestling episode.

Josh Matthews interviewed Kenny Omega and Don Callis on a luxury tour bus and asked questions about the pairing and their actions at “Winter Is Coming”.

Before the interview officially started Don Callis changed the side plates of the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley’s to Kenny Omega.

Don Callis proceeds to explain that he knew the Golden Shiek (Omega’s uncle) and says he was meant to make history with Omega.

Kenny Omega proceeds to explain that he has some of the greatest matches in professional wrestling history.

Kenny Omega explains that he used to collect comic books and compares the AEW World Championship to Action Comics #1 which is Superman’s first appearance and the most rarest and valuable comic in the world.

Kenny Omega then teases there will be another “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday.


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