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‪The CM Punk return is the holy grail of professional wrestling. ‬

‪Ever since he left the business fans have held on to the legend of punk and showing that they refuse to give up by chanting his name at WWE events. ‬

‪In 2019 CM Punk joins WWE “Backstage” and regardless of him saying he is just FOX employee, WWE had to approve of his hiring and the topics on that show are heavily guided by what WWE wants and how they want it presented. ‬

‪CM Punk returned to the analyst role as he enjoys commentary and it is something he would like to continue doing. But the real money is in performing, inside the WWE ring. CM Punk saw WWE getting $5 billion dollars television deals and a $450 million dollar Saudi Arabia deal and we are told “He is looking to make real money with WWE.” ‬

‪WWE is preparing to offer CM Punk a tremendous contract that will earn him so much money he will be set for life.‬

‪WWE has sent out “feelers” to Punk gauging his interest in a big money WWE return deal and he is interested in a return now more then ever before. ‬

‪The deal would not be for a long-term in-ring wrestling return and only for big marquee matches at upcoming WrestleMania and Saudi Arabia events. ‬

‪CM Punk also wants a commentating role and a possible WWE Network show. ‬

‪The idea for Punk is to get back into WWE while so much money is being made that he could earn a great living, give his fans the return they’ve always wanted, continue his passion for commentating, set up future opportunities with the company and secure himself financially for the rest of his life. ‬

‪Bringing CM Punk back is one of top priorities for Vince McMahon heading into 2020. ‬‪WWE has set the groundwork for a CM Punk return by multiple WWE Superstars calling him out and WWE knows with the right amount of money and the right storyline they can get Punk back for another match. ‬

‪WWE will market the return of CM Punk as a major headliner and merchandising such as shirts, action figures and video games to follow. This deal would make a absurd amount of money for WWE and CM Punk. ‬

‪WWE has offered CM Punk an opportunity to make a surprise appearance at Survivor Series in his hometown of Chicago. That is a door Punk will have to decide if he wants to walk through right now or wait until all the contract details we mentioned are finalized. ‬

‪WWE has already lined up CM Punk’s opponents for WrestleMania and his return run. Stars being discussed are ‬

‪• Triple H ‬
• Shane McMahon ‬
‪• Roman Reigns ‬
• Seth Rollins ‬
• Kevin Owens ‬

‪The backstage census of CM Punk returning to WWE is only a matter of time and many within the company know WWE is working hard on getting Punk back into the WWE Universe. ‬

‪The return is closer than you think and WWE and CM Punk have a chapter in the book that is yet to be written. ‬

‪In 2020 we will see the conclusion of that book. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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