‪WWE is having to become more creative with WrestleMania booking at the Performance Center due to the COVID-19 outbreak. ‬

‪WWE originally planned for The Undertaker vs AJ Styles to have a high profile match live at WrestleMania 36 but with everything shut down WWE opted to go forward with the match while WrestleMania is taped at the Performance Center.

‪A “Boneyard match” is now planned and was filmed earlier this week. Details given to us include that the “Boneyard match” will be held in a cemetery. ‬

‪A cemetery will be the setting for the match and WWE’s production team did their best to come up with a realistic scene given the restricted circumstances of the WWE Performance Center. ‬

‪The match went on without a hitch and The Undertaker and AJ Styles put on a solid match. Both men were complimented by WWE officials for their efforts and The Undertaker thanked AJ Styles giving him a 100% and not “telephoning it in”. ‬

‪Both superstars expressed that they wished their match was in front of a WrestleMania crowd but were grateful to finally share the ring with each other nevertheless. The Undertaker has great respect and admiration for Styles and with The Undertaker still in phenomenal shape he already has begun discussing plans for WrestleMania 37. ‬

‪Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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