‪Triple H’s demotion came as somewhat as a surprise to those within the company and many do not still have a clear idea as to what lead to this action taking place. ‬

‪As first reported by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, Triple H was demoted from “Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative” to “Executive Vice President, Global Talent Strategy and Development”.‬

‪No explanation was giving and WWE never publicly commented on Triple H’s demotion and many within the company had no idea of this executive move. ‬

‪When NXT moved to USA Network in October 2019 everyone knew it was to compete with All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite on Wednesday nights. Vince McMahon made the call to move NXT to a live weekly show and in the process of trying to beat AEW it may have cost Triple H his position. ‬

‪The Wednesday nights ratings war was a big factor in this the demotion decision and NXT has lost to AEW almost every single consecutive week. Vince McMahon made the call in December to move Triple H away from Head of Talent Relations because Vince McMahon does not agree with some of the independent signings Triple H has made of late as many of the stars he signed never panned out to be big money making stars. ‬

‪In fact many of the NXT signings never reached their true potential on the main roster which is by Vince McMahon’s own doing. Stars like Finn Bálor, Sami Zayn, Nakamura and Ricochet aimlessly squandered in the main roster and some never even saw the light of day such as EC3 for example. ‬

‪These were all Triple H’s signings and Vince McMahon was assured that these talents would all become huge stars which they could’ve if Vince McMahon allowed them to reach their full potentials. ‬

‪In WWE Vince McMahon plays GOD and he has the final say on which talents reach the top and which stars stay on the mid-card. This booking strategy has created a huge problem for WWE as they have to continue depending on past legends to draw crowds and sell tickets. WWE is still using this booking tactic in 2020 with The Undertaker, Edge and Goldberg all on this year’s WrestleMania card it is evident that Vince McMahon has no patience in creating new stars which is to his own demise. ‬

‪WWE may want to start taking notes on AEW as to how to book its talent as it is evident by the ratings that AEW is superior to NXT. ‬

‪Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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