‪The winner of the 30-Man Royal Rumble has been a hot topic of discussion for some time now and we are now allowed to shed some light on projected winners. ‬

‪The internal list WWE has been keeping guarded included some interesting names, below we will take a look at who WWE is discussing to win the Royal Rumble. ‬

‪• Drew McIntyre – “The Scottish Psychopath” has been patiently waiting for his big moment to shine in WWE. Heading into Royal Rumble weekend Drew McIntyre’s name has been heating up and he is the top projected potential winner.

‪• Roman Reigns – The big dog has been discussed internally for months now and Roman winning the Royal Rumble match is a big babyface moment waiting to happen. ‬

‪• Brock Lesnar – The Beast Incarnate is entering the Royal Rumble match as the first entrant and eliminating 29 other men is a tall task. But Brock is no ordinary superstar and WWE officials have discussed Brock going all the way. ‬

‪• Edge – Is a name being discussed to enter the Royal Rumble and his name alone is a huge attraction for WWE. Keep your eyes peeled for the Rated R SuperStar. ‬


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