‪Matt Hardy has evolved his character over the years and he may have begun preparation for another transformation. ‬

‪Recent developments have revealed that Matt Hardy is seriously considering joining AEW when his contract ends with WWE in March 2020. ‬

‪The Dark Order is a heel group that debuted on AEW this past fall. The group consist of Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. The groups leader “The Exalted One” has yet to be revealed. ‬

The first hint in this mysterious and intriguing storyline is in this unlisted YouTube video (watch below) titled “It is done.” which was emailed to fans who signed up for The Dark Order through their website. Evil Uno walks into a office and the mysterious “Exalted One” can be heard saying “Wonderful!” which is a famous saying by Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy has always preferred a unique and different style approach to storytelling as such with his Broken/Woken characters. A supreme leader “Exalted One” character would be a exciting new chapter in the book of Matt Hardy’s career.

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