‪Matt Hardy’ professional wrestling future will be decided shortly. ‬

‪Matt Hardy’s WWE contract is set to expire in February 2020. ‬

‪Matt Hardy has begun preparations in the event he does leave WWE by releasing YouTube videos titled “Free The DELETE” episodes. ‬

‪Matt Hardy is adamant about getting his “WOKEN” character over with the WWE Universe. ‬

‪WWE has not shown any interest in pushing the WOKEN character and has instead went for pushing the extreme character that made the Hardy Boys famous from the “Ruthless Aggression” Era’s. ‬

‪If WWE does not come to terms with pushing the WOKEN character Matt Hardy leaving the WWE Universe is a very realistic possibility. ‬

‪AEW is said to be the top destination in the event Matt Hardy leaves in 2020. ‬

‪AEW could be “BROKEN” in 2020. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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