‪WWE has begun plans for the annual SuperStar Shake-Up. ‬

‪Every year WWE uses the SuperStar Shake-Up to give RAW,SmackDown and NXT a slight makeover and adjusts the rosters for upcoming television programs. ‬

‪A few big names have already been planned to switch brands and we will have reports on those names coming up soon, stay tuned. ‬

‪The current plan is for selected superstars to be moved within all brands RAW, SmackDown and NXT. This will allow some superstars who are lost on the main roster to given a fresh start on NXT. ‬

‪WWE is looking to have a strong SummerSlam 2020 and WrestleMania 37 due to the Corona pandemic sweeping the world and shutting down almost everything. ‬

‪WWE currently only has the RAW after Mania episode taped and WWE officials are not sure when they will be able to begin taping. The state of Florida issued a state wide shutdown and WWE can no longer film at the Performance Center. WWE may have to find alternate solutions to continue RAW, SmackDown and NXT episodes or possibly go on some sort of break until everything is stabilized. ‬

‪The SuperStar Shake-Up was originally internally scheduled to begin in late April, if WWE cannot find a solution they will be looking to hold the SuperStar Shakeup in May/June. ‬

‪Right now is a difficult time for any live event based industry and WWE is doing the best they can given the situations. Stay tuned to Sluce Wrestling for the latest and greatest wrestling news. ‬


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