‪The Undertaker has had the greatest professional wrestling career of any wrestler. He has stayed on top of the mountain for decades and his dominance and evolution is a gift and inspiration for wrestlers and wrestling fans all over the world. ‬

‪His Boneyard match” with AJ Styles is considered a all-time classic and many wrestling fans are wondering what is next for The Phenom. ‬

‪The Undertaker is discussing possible plans on a “The Last Ride” farewell tour that would see The Undertaker go on one final run and may conclude at Survivor Series 2020 or WrestleMania 37. ‬

‪“The Last Ride” documentary limited series event will air in different parts and conclude later this year. This epic documentary has been filming since 2017 and is following The Undertaker on his “Last Ride”. ‬

‪The Undertaker actually wanted to retire after WrestleMania 32 but his love and passion for this business drives him to continue competing as a active WWE SuperStar. ‬

‪There are a few options that the Undertaker and WWE are discussing as to how this farewell tour will be executed but some of the more realistic plans include the Undertaker wrestling at Survivor Series 2020 in Dallas, Texas. This is his hometown and Survivor Series is where The Undertaker first made his WWE debut 30 years ago. ‬

‪After a homecoming to Survivor Series in Dallas, TX the farewell tour would continue to WrestleMania 37. Final plans have not been confirmed to us but a final retirement match at WrestleMania 37 or Hall Of Fame induction are being discussed. ‬

‪The Undertaker is one of the rare superstars that have creative influence on his matches and he is known to hand pick what superstars he chooses to wrestle. ‬

‪The current internal list for The Undertaker’s final opponents include the following ‬

‪• Randy Orton ‬
‪• The Fiend Bray Wyatt ‬
‪• Aleister Black ‬
‪• Finn Bálor ‬
‪• Drew McIntyre ‬
‪• Braun Strowman ‬
‪• AJ Styles ‬
‪• Shawn Michaels ‬
‪• Kane ‬
‪• Sting ‬

‪Any one of the superstars mentioned above would be more than sufficient for The Undertaker’s retirement match. We were told that HBK and Sting are long shots given their age but that Undertaker would not mind one final battle with either of them. WWE is exploring all options. ‬

‪The “Boneyard Match” was a classic match and if that was the final WrestleMania match for The Undertaker it would be the perfect way to end his WrestleMania career as his current record is 25-2. ‬

‪Undertaker will make the final call on how to end his mythical career on his terms, we just want to make sure we are in attendance for the history making night. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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