‪Drew McIntyre is your new WWE Champion! ‬

‪After many years and many struggles McIntyre has reached the top of the WWE mountain. ‬

‪Drew McIntyre was released by WWE on June 12th, 2014 and since then the Scottish Psychopath has battled all the way back to glory. ‬

‪There is no bigger fan and supporter of Drew McIntyre in WWE than Vince McMahon. His perseverance, his mental toughness and refusal to lose are key attributes Vince Mcmahon finds highly admirable in not only WWE Superstars but also in human beings. ‬

‪Drew McIntyre is set to go on a powerful championship reign and he will hold the WWE Championship for quite some time. WWE is putting serious stock into McIntyre and he will be given every resource to succeed as champion. ‬

‪A long list of contenders are now in place for McIntyre and successful victories are in the forecast ahead. Randy Orton has been a star McIntyre wanted to work with on a lager scale and this will be one of the upcoming programs. ‬

‪Drew McIntyre will be presented as the ultimate babyface and WWE is gunning for mainstream media exposure to make him a even bigger star. ‬

‪McIntyre winning the WWE Championship was one of our top feel good moments of WrestleMania weekend and we couldn’t be happier to see him get the recognition and championship coronation this man deserves. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates ‬


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