‪WWE is already planning your future WrestleMania trips. ‬

‪With WrestleMania 36 still on deck to take place on April, 5th and a upcoming WrestleMania slated to be held in Los Angeles (read below) WWE officials are wasting no time in planning out the future of their mega-annual event. ‬

‪WWE is seriously considering holding a future WrestleMania at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas within the next five years.

‪The new stadium will open in August 2020 and will serve as the future home of the NFL Raiders team. ‬

‪The new state-of-the-art stadium costs 1.84 billion dollars to build and will be positioned in the heart of Las Vegas, nearby the upscale casinos and hotels making this a ideal tourist destination. ‬

‪Allegiant Stadium has a seating capacity of 65,000 and features a translucent polymer roof. ‬

WrestleMania weekend is already a exciting a fun trip for anyone to take, combine that with the sights and sounds of Las Vegas and this will surely be a WrestleMania not to miss.

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