‪After WWE recently announced that they would not be cancelling or delaying WrestleMania the City Of Tampa may have other plans. ‬

‪We recently reported (read below) on the Mayor Of Tampa meeting with city officials this Thursday to determine to the future of all upcoming scheduled Tampa area events, not just WrestleMania 36. ‬

‪Now more information has become available in regards to WWE’s back up plans in the event the City Of Tampa does indeed decide to cancel or reschedule WrestleMania 36. ‬

‪Slice Wrestling sources have confirmed that WWE is putting together a “WrestleMania Contingency Plan” that if the Mayor of Tampa decides to not allow any events to be held in the City due to the Corona Virus outbreak that WWE will likely reschedule WrestleMania to June/July 2020. ‬

‪This will allow more time for the Corona Virus to be contained and the outbreak hysteria to die down. WWE officials do not want to miss out on the financial earnings that WrestleMania brings to the company. ‬

‪The worst case scenario if WrestleMania 36 is rescheduled to June/July 2020 and the Corona Virus outbreak situation does not improve than WWE would consider canceling WrestleMania 36 completely. But that is the worst case scenario and sources have relayed to us that Vince McMahon is adamant about moving forward with WrestleMania as planned and is hoping that the Mayor of Tampa does not force a reschedule. ‬

‪This is one of the rare situations in WWE company history that the future of their biggest event (WrestleMania) relies on someone other than Vince McMahon. ‬

‪WrestleMania in June/July would be interesting to say the least. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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